Very User Friendly and Durable.


Stand Mixer type.

5 + Speed with Turbo Function.

2 set of Chrome Beaters & Dough Hooks.

Eject Button is available.

Easier for refine food.

Easy to clean and Safety Device.

Egg Beater.

If you think for making dessert what will be come first in your mind? Yes, a good quality mixer! This wonderful Miyako Hand Mixer GTM-8017A2 is one of the best hand mixers in the market. This mixer can also useful for beating, whisking, mixing, chromed. It will provide a long-time service so you don’t need to worry about the durability of the mixer.

The features of the hand mixer blowed your mind and it will definitely fulfil your demand. The power consumption rate is also low so it will also save your electricity. You can easily clean the mixer within a short time. The device is safety so there has no risk.

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